Alyce Pipkin-Allen

Alyce Pipkin-Allen

Vice President
Alyce Pipkin Allen Vice President

Alyce Pipkin-Allen grew up in San Diego, the product of a proud military family. Life among other military families helped Alyce shape her global views on education and the importance of valuing each individual for their talents.  Her beloved Mothers’ warm spirit and kind actions of love, goodness and service to her family and others lives in her heart and head and inspires and guides her life of service to her community and beyond.

Alyce is a wife, mother, and grandmother who served professionally in the County of San Diego Human Resources Department.  She was widowed as a result of her late husbands’ service in the Vietnam War.  This experience provided Alyce a first-hand look at the challenges facing the veteran’s community particularly as they attempt to establish themselves and their families after military life.

Alyce is keenly aware of the tremendous strides being made by the San Diego Community College District on behalf of our veterans. She is equally excited about the possibilities of our underserved communities securing middle-class jobs through participation in the District’s vocational and technical fields, or choosing an inexpensive first two years of a four-year degree; and others who simply want to brush up on a foreign language or get a grounding in computer programming, or health related fields.

“I am running for the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) Board of Trustees District-D because I have been involved in the San Diego community for over 40 years and I will bring a broad perspective and objectivity to the Board. My background in Human Resources has enabled me to understand the importance of having the option of an affordable, quality education such as that offered through the Community College system. My current community involvement solidifies my commitment to work to improve the San Diego Community. I will work hard to make sure all residents are aware of the tremendous benefits being offered by SDCCD.”

“My number one goal is to work effectively with the Board of Trustees, Chancellor, staff, students and professors to provide a quality education for all students in the community college district. In addition, I plan to work closely with District D residents, students, and educators to ensure SDCCD policies reflect their input, work with California legislators for additional funding to keep tuition cost down, expand the supportive services offered at all campuses, and support the expansion of the availability of the 4-year degree.”

“This is an exciting time to be involved with the SDCCD and I am ready to serve as your representative on the SDCCD Board of Trustees-District D. Please vote for me, Alyce Pipkin-Allen.”

She holds memberships in the following associations: The Association of African American Educators, Women Give SD, MLK, Jr., Dem Club/VP, BAPAC/Ex. Board, A. Philip Randolph Institute, Dems for Equality Club, National Council of Negro Women, LEAD Alumni.  She is also an original founder of the Professional Football Players Mothers’ Association (NFL Moms) –(#Eagles/Saints/Raiders*21).